Equipment Handout:

  • All balances are due at Equipment Handout.  There is a $200 registration fee and a $200 fundraising fee.  Raffle tickets will be distributed once payment is made.
  • All paperwork is due at Equipment Handout.  This includes registration, concussion form, physical dated during 2016, and a copy of birth certificate.  Varsity players also need proof of grade level.
  • Be sure to fill out the parent part of the physical, we cannot accept incomplete physicals.

Equipment Handout Dates:

  • JV: Tuesday, July 26th 6pm
  • Freshman: Wednesday, July 27th 6pm
  • Junior Freshman: Thursday, July 28th 6pm
  • Varsity Equipment Handout will be done prior to camp.  Specifics will be emailed later.

Volunteer Shifts:

This year, we will use the large board for volunteer shifts again.  Remember, each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 4 times.  All Junior Varsity families must volunteer for at least 2 shifts during VARSITY games.  Please note this is new this year, as we really struggled with help last year during varsity games.  You are responsible for finding a replacement if you sign up for a game that you cannot attend, bring your calendars to Equipment Handout!

Spots Available:
We still have space for cheerleaders on all squads, junior freshman football players, and varsity football players.  Refer a friend and you will get a $25 discount.