Below is the LA Hawks Weather Policy which follows MHSAA guidelines.  Please read so you know what to expect the next time weather is an issue.
  • All athletes are to report to the field (game or practice) unless notified prior. It is extremely rare that a game or practice will be cancelled in advance. Practices and games do occur in rain, sleet, and even snow.
  • When lightning is observed or thunder is heard, the game/practice will be suspended. The occurrence of lightning or thunder is not subject to interpretation or discussion — lightning is lightning; thunder is thunder.
  • When lightning is observed or thunder is heard and the  game/practice is suspended, athletes shall not return to the outdoor playing/practice field until lightning has been absent from the local sky and thunder has not been heard for 30 minutes.  Every re-occurrence restarts the 30 minute wait.
  • Head Coaches will have final say on when to cancel practice after having waiting for conditions to clear. In case of games, a decision is made among the officials and Host and visiting organizations.
We recommend you remain at the field during drop off if the weather is in question.  It is very difficult to for coaches and directors to try to call families to return to the field.  If you are unable to remain at the field it may be a good idea to set up a buddy system with another family.
A copy of this policy is available in the download section of this website.