Mission, Core Values, and Goals

All board members, officers, coaches, parents, and athletes of the Lakes Area Hawks organization shall be members of good moral character who are interested in the promotion of our Mission, Core Vales, and Goals.

Mission Statement

The Lakes Area Hawks mission is to provide a fun, safe, and positive youth athletic environment that impresses upon our children the fundamental skills necessary to develop responsibility, teamwork, self-awareness, and a commitment to excellence in the area of academics, sportsmanship, and future community leadership.

Core Values

  • Integrity, Honesty, and Dedication
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Personal Improvement, Camaraderie, Respect, and Sincerity


  • To enhance the emotional, physical, social, and educational well-being of our youth
  • To be an example of, and to actively teach the importance of responsibility.
  • To appoint, evaluate, educate, and support the coaches who will instruct our children, keeping in mind the best interests of our children at all times.
  • To assure basic levels of knowledge and instruction are introduced at each level of play or cheer.
  • To encourage parents to take an active role in the youth athletic experience and our organization.
  • To adequately communicate to all members of our organization, all policies and rules, activities, events, and any other pertinent information.